I have never had a guest celebrate a birthday while being interviewed on the blog, so I’m a little extra emotional, please bear with me☺

I met Faith during my diploma days at the University of Lagos, Akoka campus, and I can remember thinking; “This babe is quite bubbly and loud.” After a few months of taking classes with Anny, I realized that, though she was bubbly, she was far from loud. We got talking, I realized she was even related to one of my old time pals from secondary school with similar personality. I also realized that there was more to Faith than just a pretty face with a social attitude.

Four years down the line and my opinion of Faith hasn’t changed much. She’s smart, she’s enterprising, she is strong-willed, she is a giver. Sometime in 200 level, when we happened to be next door neighbors, Faith’s room was like the go-to room when a person was in a fix. You need a cooker and sharply want to prepare noodles, Faith’s room was always opened. Had a bad day, need someone to cheer you up? With the combination of people in that room, a lighter-happier mood was guaranteed. Is it hair advice, Faith Anny was very much available. And oh mine let me not forget, uplifting music – the latest of Tye Tribbet and Mali Music, I can remember sitting with Faith’s phone for hours transferring songs and sometimes, we watching a movie in the process ?. Then there was the heart to heart talk about God and Christianity and life in general and I was amazed at the simple ways Faith expressed her love for God and her basic, straight-forward approach to life. One of the reasons I continued to write/blog (that was when I just started blogging and Faith just started photography) was because in many ways, Faith kept reminding me not to get so ‘medical’ that I forget that I am also Kene – the writer, not just Kene – the student radiographer. Talking with Faith has always been a blessing!

I’ve had beautiful experiences with Anny,  words can’t express it all. So  I would use this medium to wish Faith a happy birthday. More great years to come, Faith. All of God’s best in your endeavors, good health and prosperity. Keep doing what you do, blessing lives and putting smiles on people’s faces, we are blessed to have met you and than you for gifting us with the gift of you, you’re such an amazing person!


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God bless you,

Happy Sunday!