The Great God

However, before He can do what He says He will in your life, you have to surrender. Peter surrendered his boat to be used by Jesus. Are you ready to surrender all? That’s the beginning of the whole truth. I can’t lie to you, it’s sweet to serve Jesus even in the midst of challenges. He grants comfort to us through His Holy Spirit.

I will be discussing on the topic “The great God”. The text we shall be pondering upon is in the book of Exodus 15:3-14. This morning God will show Himself great in your life.


I will be speaking on three sub titles:

  1. The attributes of God
  2. The demonstration of His power/greatness
  3. Experiencing His greatness

The attributes of God cannot be exhausted as our God is infinite.

Isaiah 43:10 – God existed before anything else; He is the creator of everything; He is everywhere and there’s no limitation for Him. He is the I am that I am, He’s unlimited and inimitable, God has no limitation in terms of space and time.

God is sovereign – His sovereignty makes Him above all things (Rev 2:6). The sovereignty of God made Him create all things but He was never created. The sovereignty of God makes Him all knowing. God is in control of all things, even Satan has to take permission from Him before he can do anything. Just take a note – your life is in the hands of the Lord.

God is a Spirit. That is why everyone that will worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God is not composed of any matter and so He can’t be limited. If He wants to enter your house, He doesn’t need you to open the door for Him. The only place He needs your permission to enter is your heart. The truth is He doesn’t really need permission to enter your heart but asks it of you so it’s a decision you have to make yourself. The people God revealed Himself to sometimes He catches them unawares and that is God. God is not made of matter, and so He is not limited. He doesn’t possess a physical body but chose to come in the form of flesh as His son Jesus in order to identify himself to us so that he could relate with us to bring us back to himself.

God is a person. He is a person because He has feelings, a will and choices. These are the things make you a person. You are a person not because of the physical body you possess — a dead person doesn’t have feelings, will and choice. We don’t look like God physically but resemble Him in our personalities.

God is immutable/constant, He doesn’t change, He never grows old. He’s the Arugbo-ojo (He doesn’t grow old). There is no variableness or shadow of turn with Him.

God is eternal which means God is everlasting. He doesn’t have a beginning, he doesn’t have an end. Everything that began starts with Him, that’s the reason why the Bible doesn’t in anyway try not to solve the everlasting nature of God. In the book of Genesis chapter 1, the beginning the Bible referred to wasn’t the beginning of God. From research, it has been discovered that the universe has been in existence from about 13.8billions years. How did they discover this? Simply by analysis of what has gone into extinction. The scientists in their own estimation discovered that we have not less than 10 trillion stars and galaxies. From this little idea given, only God knows how many stars He has made. Imagine, He who made this gigantic and great world, is your problem bigger than Him?

To the demonstration of God’s power. He demonstrated a little of His power when He parted the Red Sea. A little of His power doesn’t cost Him anything. Can you imagine your body system connected together, the brain synchronizes with the hand and everything works according to the dictation programmed there? Normally, the scientist tells us that millions of bacteria are floating in the air and enters our mouth. Still, we observe that there’s a system in place that extinguishes these bacteria. God made it there. This is but a little of His greatness.

Can we remember what happened to Paul and Silas in the Bible? They were singing and praising God and the chains broke and fell off. The warden wanted to kill himself but Paul and Silas introduced him to the Lord. Is it not better for your enemies to be converted? This is but a little of the power of God. Just like brother Peter, who was ready to be executed but an angel came in and he was saved. Angels cannot be prevented from entering any place. I pray, just like the Angel of God entered the prison yard and saved Peter, every barrier concerning your life and situation will open on their own accord in Jesus’ name.

The Bible tells us of the woman whose sons were to be traded into slavery and her encounter with the Prophet Elisha. She cried out to the man of God and the miracle that ensued was only a small demonstration of God’s greatness. To experience God’s greatness, you must have faith, you must be patient and you must have trust in Him. He never fail; we have testimonies of people who waited on God and He never put them to shame. The woman obeyed the Prophet’s instructions without questioning the man of God; she locked herself with her sons and began the experiment. She poured the little oil she had into the first vessel, into the second, the third until all the vessels she borrowed were filled with oil. I don’t know where the oil was coming from but we have an everlasting God that has a stream that never runs dry. The wine of your home shall never run dry in Jesus’ name.

He also demonstrated a little of His power again when He got into Peter’s boat. If Jesus enters your boat, you are already made. Peter was wise not to query Jesus has He entered His boat. As soon as Jesus finished preaching, He told Peter, launch to the right, but Peter had to talk because professionally Jesus was a carpenter and Peter was a fisherman. He told Jesus that fishes came out only at the night and they had toiled and they didn’t catch any fish but because you Jesus said it, he would obey. Behold, what a catch was made! After the miracle, Peter repented. And the rest was a wonderful story. At His word, you will do something without questioning and your testimonies will abound in Jesus name.

However, before He can do what He says He will in your life, you have to surrender. Peter surrendered his boat to be used by Jesus. Are you ready to surrender all? That’s the beginning of the whole truth. I can’t lie to you, it’s sweet to serve Jesus even in the midst of challenges. He grants comfort to us through His Holy Spirit. Do you know when the three Hebrew children were cast into the fiery fire and it did not burn them, it was because Jesus was there with them. In that situation you are in and think to be so hard, because of His presence, there shall be comfort.



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