Stepping into Greatness

This is an obligation to work and labour. Many don’t give attention to the fact that Isaac sowed, laboured, committed to the land. Isaac didn’t sit down and expect blessing from God. Isaac sowed in the land and received 100 folds and waxed great.

Turn your Bible to the book of Job 22:23-30

There are so many things to pick in this passage. The few things I want to mention are;

If you want God to build you up, you must be willing to go far from iniquity. May God bless you. When you do that, you will discover that the Lord shall be your defence and it shall give you plenty of silver. When we turn away from iniquity, you see there are certain things that belong to us but the way God operates is that he will give the condition and when you have fulfilled the condition, please don’t neglect the provision. He said when you have put away iniquity far from your life, the Bible says that God himself we laid up gold like dust for you. Also, you shall be able to decree a thing and it will be established. When men are cast down, you shall be lifted up. In this recession, anybody that can shout Amen will be lifted up in Jesus name, Amen!


Our theme for this month is “Stepping into Greatness.”


From the passage we’ve read, you can see it is God’s will for you and I to step into greatness.

The text of the message — Gen 26:1-6; 12-14

Stepping into Greatness, the key word I see there is “Stepping”. To Step is a movement made by lifting the foot and stepping it down again in a new position, accompanying by a shifting of the weight of the body in the direction of that new position. The first part is lifting and setting down the foot. The other part of the definition is shifting the weight of the body to the new position. From this two aspect of the definition, I have the following deductions; Lifting and setting down to me depicts a command to move from your location to another. You are asked to do something and you do it. The other part of the definition which is moving the weight to me depicts exertion of energy to accomplish a purpose. From these definitions, I looked at Isaac and two things I could get out are;


  1. Obedience

  2. Obligation


  1. Obedience

If we want to step into greatness, we must know what God demands. There’s nothing wrong about wealth my brother and sister, it is God that gives us power to get wealth. But to get it, one is obedience and the other is obligation.

Gen 26:1-6 — May the Lord bless your descendant because of you! Because of Abraham, God said he will bless Isaac. But what lead to this? There was a famine. Recession may bring many things and one is ideas. Recession is not everything bad, but the man who don’t understand will assumed its bad and fold his hand. God saw what is in the heart of Isaac and He told him remain here and don’t go to Egypt though Abraham his father went to Egypt during famine and this show that there is time for everything. May God let your program fall within His program.

The Bible say and Isaac stayed in Gerar. God value obedience so much. When you say someone love the Lord, it’s to keep His commandment. God is very concerned with obedience. When we disobey God, we are putting ourselves in a severe reprimand (just like Adam). Deut 11:26. Obedience will bring blessing, while disobedience will bring curse. May we not be curse in Jesus name, Amen.

Deut 28:1. The secret to stepping into greatness is obedience. Saul the first King of Israel, he was dethroned because of disobedience. 1 Samuel 15:22-23. Obedience is better than sacrifice! May God make us to be obedient people. Isaac became great with servants and properties due to his obedience to God. Obedience is the hardest thing on earth humanly speaking but the grace of God is always enough for those who humble themselves.

There is nothing in this world that is as valuable to God as to obeying the voice of the Lord. If you want God to bless you, obey. How come you don’t have time to serve God and you want God to bless you? The Western world has removed things that made Christians to be committed, they’ve removed Sunday schools, they don’t have mass choir because everybody is into business.

God love Abraham because of instant obedience. When God called him and instructed that he should sacrifice Isaac his only son,  Abraham rose up early in the morning, instant action. Prov 13:18 says poverty and shame shall be to him that refused instruction, but he that regarded reproved shall be honor. May poverty and shame not be our portion in Jesus name.



  1. Obligation — the things we must do

Gen 26:12. Isaac sowed in the land. This is an obligation to work and labour. Many don’t give attention to the fact that Isaac sowed, laboured, committed to the land. Isaac didn’t sit down and expect blessing from God. Isaac sowed in the land and received 100 folds and waxed great. Whatever (worthy) your hand finds to do, do it with all your might and strength and don’t be a lazy fool begging around looking for people to give to you.

When I started working as a young man many years ago, I had a boss, I think he was a French man. He said the problem he has with Nigerians is if you go to the corridor, you will see the cleaner standing by its equipment but when s/he sees somebody coming would pretend as if working  — no dignity for labour! In this recession, we should stop complaining! If you want to get into greatness, it doesn’t come by falsehood, it comes by action! Doing the right thing. When God created Adam, he placed him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it in good condition. Do the extra-ordinary. God says go into the garden, dress it and keep it.

Jesus gave a parable in Matt 20 — In the parable, at the 11th hour, the house-holder went out and find others standing idle and said unto them, “why standing here all day idle”? We are to work and give to others. If we refused to carry the weight of our body, we can’t move forward. And many people don’t want to carry the weight of their body. 2 Thess 3:7-10 — I speak to Pastors as well, you don’t have the right to eat the bread of anybody for nought. If you wake up in the morning and you are not busy with prayer or counseling, and they paid you, the money is not a good money. Many times as a Pastor, you will be tired but because you must be an example to the flock, you come under certain pressure…you must be willingly put yourself there, that’s how to live the life…that’s a blessing!

And many are in the church and they are thieves! I am not mincing word… thieves inside the church! Everybody is not a thief, we know there are some with needs but amongst us there are also thieves. You put your handbag down and going to give offering, before you come back, it’s gone! Who took it? We became wiser in our former church after a long while, they are coming cheating and deceiving us. One came saying my wife is in hospital and we said before we give him what he asked for, let’s go and see your wife. We entered the car and as we are going, on the way, literally, he jumped out of the car! The Bible says those that would not work should not eat! You came out of the university and there is not job, kneel down and pray to God what you want me to do.

If you yourself want to step into that greatness, if you have, be careful, watch, there are some people that actually have need in the church, locate them, give to them, don’t be tired of giving out. it takes these two, you work, God blesses you, you give. And God would make you to become a pipe and pour everything into your life knowing that you won’t hoard it.

Prov 6:10 — Yet a little sleep, and a little slumber and a little folding of the hands to sleep, so shall your poverty come as one that travelleth and want like an armed man. So don’t deceive yourself, if you are not ready to work, be ready for poverty, if you are not ready to say God help me and you stationed yourself, be ready for poverty. Prov 11:24, Prov 28:19 – He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread but he that follow vein persons shall have poverty enough.

[closing song] I am going higher yes I am, I am going higher someday x2



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    This is good., truly this is our year of New Heights.


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