Small Beginnings Great Endings

The next thing that is critical is Faith. There’s something about Faith everybody needs to know, the simpler the better. Don’t complicate things; faith is not a theory to be understood, but a life to be lived.

[Opening Song] Jesus name above all name.

Small beginnings great endings, is difficult for me to preach this subject and I tell you why. It brings tears to my eyes because I remembered as fledging young man after the civil war in 1970, we went back to school. That is why when I hear young men says there will be war I laughed and say you don’t know what war is. It was utter devastation, complete devastation. I was an A-level student before the war but after the war I couldn’t go back there. We used to seat on the floor and write notes on our knees; I said to myself, there is no future here. We were thought how to pray, I pray to God I can’t stay here, I have to go to the university. We haven’t gone to school for 3 years so it was like starting all over. There are only 120 spaces for prelim and I only had 1 pound so only one school I could apply and if you miss it that is it. I read like I never read before. 120 spaces only for about 10,000 of us student applying! But praise God I was one of the 120 student picked. But the story didn’t end there, when I went there to register, the faculty officer told me that I wasn’t admitted to study medicine but was admitted to study science. And I was totally devastated because my father has already told everybody of course. That is why when you say small beginnings great endings, it has to be God.


And God spoke to me son, you want to study medicine, I said yes Lord, He said don’t worry about it, go and register wherever they want you to register, it will not make a difference. So it was 9 months of faith and I had fears. I’ve never even told my brother in the University that I wasn’t studying medicine of course I never told my father, nobody knew, only me and God. And now again my heart will miss a beat, supposed…you know the language of doubt. Then I began to ask people is it possible to change from Science to Medicine and the response will be where do you think you are, do you think you are in secondary school? Pass mark is 40% and people failed and fear would come upon me. And the spirit of God whispered upon me, I didn’t ask you to do an opinion poll, I told you will study medicine. To cut a long story short, about a month to the exam I had a revelation that I passed the exam well enough to change my doubt, that was God way of saying, be confident. And I did the exam and to God be the glory I passed well enough and only 5 of us changed to Medicine. God is simply amazing


When we talk about small beginnings, it’s a retrospective study in that when you look back it so clear to you that it could only have been God. I can say to you without a shadow of a doubt with every measure of confidence that I have that no matter where you are today in your life, people will only know where you are but where you will be is another matter. And where you will be depends if you and I and ready to walk with God. Our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated it so clearly. Jesus was raised up in the backyard of nowhere (complete obscurity) and he was an artisan and did that for 30 years. And one day he appeared in the city, the same city he grew up as a carpenter and he said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me! Do you know that you and I can say the same? The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, no man can take that from you. Jesus revealed to us the awesomeness of the power of the Spirit of the Lord in a life of a man and how your world can be completely transformed so that those who knew you before, they will not know you again. In John 9 – Like the cripple man at the beautiful gate, some say where you the one? God specializes in raising people from obscurity, in taking people who think nothing of themselves. Ps 126:


[A Song] Bringing in the sheaves.

The Lord Jesus thought us how to do this when He said in Matt 11 “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Rest means that, nobody can guess what you are going through by looking at you. Nobody can guess the burdens you carry when they see you because God has given you rest. Jesus said take my yoke upon you and learn. The word is LEARN, you are not born with it, nobody is born with it we learn it. Learn from me for I am gentle and made of lowly heart (Matt 11-29). That’s where it begins, you cannot tell what a man will be until you hears his prayers and you don’t know his prayers because his prayers are said to God. And that’s why when a person kneel down and pray to God — apart from you I am absolutely nothing, all that I am belongs to you. That has its own implications…that is what I learnt many years ago particularly when I was struggling a lot. You might be expecting help from Mr John, and Mr John was in the position to help and a day you came to Mr John for help and Mr John said sorry there’s nothing he can do. Now, that’s when you will know who your source is, that is what the struggle is all about. You can walk away from the scenario devastated or you can walk from there and say Lord, what that means is you don’t want to use Mr John and that you have another one. Faith is as simple as that. Several years ago I used to say never be Appointed or Disappointed, if you are going to walk up the ladder of life, it doesn’t matter what somebody do to you and don’t keep grudge because God has someone else to help. And that simple faith in God continues to turn the wheel until favors, fortune comes in.


When I see people proud, arrogant and disdainful, they are only hurting themselves because you are precluding God, the Book says God resist the proud. Once you are proud, God is against you. I cannot forget what the Holy Spirit told me — do you know the meaning of that statement God resist the proud? I said no, He said the meaning is when you are proud God is against you. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, once you are proud, God is on the other side. And when people are proud…they may not even be showing anything but in their heart, they are proud they missed a whole point. This anointing that takes a man from the dunghill…


When we were growing up in the North, there’s something they call metowu. Metowu is a night soil man. It says it takes a beggar from metowu status to seat with princes…its amazing. So Small beginnings, there is a sense which is has its advantage because it takes you and I  into the ladder of faith.


Jesus said: Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.


Then He said my yoke is light.


A group of Christians were talking about corruption and the Spirit lead me to ask them how you would perform if you have ten thousand naira in your account and you are signing a contract of one billion naira for somebody. Will your hand pain you? Some people think it is easy, it is not, that is how many people stumbled. You have your children school fees to pay, you are signing one billion naira for somebody and you only have ten thousand naira in your account. That is how one person told me that he went to an office to get something and every time they will tell him oga no dey. He went back to his boss an oyinbo man and he told him that go and find out how to make oga dey ooo. Now to turn away from all that in the mist of need and poverty,  that takes God. That’s why its not easy to do, that’s why we have the problem in the Church. God is looking to us to trust Him enough to say no, that’s not the way to go. And that is what I say to young people that you have to come to a time and say if God won’t prosper me, I will remain poor! That’s what Jesus is looking for confident that if I walk with Him, the end is guaranteed. The story of or topic Small Beginnings Great Endings will be our testimony in Jesus name


When Jesus brought its universal, anybody can follow it and succeed. And what is the secret to it?


The Mind of Christ — Let this mind be in you. It all begins in the mind. And what is that mind?


No 1 is Humility — He thought it not robbery to be equal with God. He made himself of no reputation, He opted to serve. That’s why it’s not easy to do. The trajectory of that path is that He was following of God’s program. He made himself of no reputation, he took the form of a man, been obedient to death. As a result of all of that, the Spirit say to me produce your own “therefore”. Where is your therefore? Produce your therefore. If you and I want God to lift us up where is your therefore? The Bible says; “Therefore, Heaven stepped forward and gave Him a name above all names and every tongues must confess that Jesus Christ Lord”.


There are many people that God did that for like David wanted to build God a house, God say to him you know where I took you from, I took you from sheep.


The next thing that is critical is Faith. There’s something about Faith everybody needs to know, the simpler the better. Don’t complicate things; faith is not a theory to be understood, but a life to be lived. There is girl that taught me faith in a school at Ibadan I went to preach years ago. She said I was playing with my friends and a piece of paper was stuck in my years and my friends was trying to get it out but she was pushing it inside and she said leave it, leave it Jesus would bring it out for me. So when she was about to sleep, she prayed and said Lord Jesus, please I have a small paper in my ear, please, can you help me bring it out. When she woke up the next morning the piece of paper was in her pillow completely out of her ear…isn’t that amazing!

Its so simple. That simplicity can only come to those who are following God because He said all things will work together for good. Before you start, make sure heaven has endorsed it, whatever it will take to achieve it, they would do. Because they will not endorse if they are not ready to do it. He will not start it unless He has finished it. The most important thing is Jesus said prepare a heart that says to God I’m nothing without you and I’m ready to do your wish and show me your path.


Faith on Trial  — A book (by Dr Martin Leon D-Jones) is based on Psalm 73, why do the wicked prosper? It’s an eternal question; people asked it in every generation. The temptation is always there to join them. Everybody has to read the book – Faith on Trial. Everywhere at whatever level, temptation is there at every level. The anointing will come down to those who do it in God’s way. Many Christian may be wondering, I’ve been living righteously, you see, righteousness is a positioning thing. I might be righteous and the anointing is not hitting me that means I had to keep on been holy. The moment I connect, the anointing comes down and everything starts to flow.


The subject that God gave to us through our father in the Lord, it’s not for some people but for everybody. You can decide where you are today and make it day zero, I will walk this path. When you start, things may roll backwards and that’s what many people don’t like. I preached in a seminar many years ago and when you say go, in the race with God, some people will be going forward and some will be going backwards. But no matter in which direction you are headed you are going forward. After the seminar, a girl came to me and asked how can one be going backwards you said he going forward?  I said yes. The reason you are going backwards is because from where you are, you cannot connect to God from where you are going so He had to take to back.


A young man prayed and said prosper me by your power and grace and he goes to work tomorrow morning and they sacked him and he goes back to God and said Lord what type of answer is this I said prosper me and I’m seeing decrease. The reason is because you cannot get to where God wants you to be without getting you back on track. And if you resist it then that’s the end. And it’s for the same reason that makes repentance a Watershed – marking a new beginning, now we can do things in God’s way and nobody can have faith without patience. Have asked this in several places what does it mean to “wait upon the Lord”? Ask an average Pentecostal, what did he tell you? Fasting. I tell them Fasting is not waiting on the Lord, you can wait on the Lord fasting or eating. So what is waiting on the Lord? Simple — Waiting. Waiting for God to arise because I cannot arise when he hasn’t. That’s what one pastor said after 40 days fasting that he thought fire will be blowing hot from every corner of his head but nothing happened. He went back to God and God told him that He want them to be together that’s all. A time must come when you and I awake to the fact that its about His program and the way He wants to do it. And we just find our place there and after adjustment it starts to flow. And faith becomes natural.


Let me remind you, the Bible says we are saved by grace through faith. Grace means I don’t qualify. It is grace that positioned a man for favor. I don’t know who this message is really for but wherever you are you can say to yourself that God, you and I will travel together through life. The truth is that if you don’t work by faith it won’t work, it only works by faith. It takes a heart decision to pull down every idols so that grace can come in. It’s not about recession or depression or all these things people are talking about. God works outside those systems. What matters is what God is doing. God has resources and great opportunity to use to bless a person.




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