‘O Lord, you’ve been trying to teach me but I didn’t get it. Weakness is actually a great blessing. Those who are weak are ever dependent, ever leaning on you.

Like Jacob. He asked for your blessings and you touched Him, but not the touch of miraculous physical blessing. Your touch crippled him and it was in that incapacitation that he became blessed. I don’t think that’s what he expected but that’s what he got because you answered him in the way you knew his real need would be met.

Wow!! True blessedness is the dependent life. Once you touched him, you dislocated him from his strength. He could no longer stand without you.

Oh Lord, I hear you. I hear you. The blessing of being in you and being blessed by you is in the crippling of our strength. The man who knows he is crippled will need to lean on something or someone for help. Unfortunately, most men lean on something, but Lord, I choose to lean on you- the all sufficient one. I am blessed when I am crippled. I am blessed when I am weak. I am blessed when I see my sinfulness and my need of cleansing. I am blessed when I struggle with the motions of sin and cry for sanctification. I am blessed when I don’t have any self-confidence but place all my confidence in God.

Oh! Now I see it. I smell the ugliness of self righteousness, self-sustenance, self-justification, self-motivation, self-gratification, self-praise, self-elevation, self-support, self-promotion, self-satisfaction…and the list goes on. The only true strength of Man comes from the Man’s crippling. Lord, I get it now, I see it. I see why you have not permitted me to escape from this position of yearning for more of your righteousness. Now I see why I am ever so conscious and aware of my sinfulness and weaknesses. Now I see why I cannot be like every other person, full of the normal human bravado.

O God, keep me weak and crippled. I don’t ever want to outgrow my crippling. Jacob leaned on the Crutch of God all the days of his life. That was blessing to him. People may have seen him and misunderstood him. They would have been confused by his testimony when he said, ‘Hey! I encountered God and He crippled me!’. Why? they would have pondered. And he would reply, ‘Oh! I asked Him for blessing and He made me into a dependent man; because He knew that only such a man can really be blessed by God’.

Oh Lord, may I never graduate from this school. O Lord, may my crippling ever be my portion. And when I seem to be getting comfortable and strong, God, please dislocate me again. Please, keep me dislocated at all times; always leaning on you.

This is my uttermost cry. And I ask it through Christ- who was dislocated and was later  fully relocated, that we may follow in His footsteps: to be dislocated in this world only to be fully relocated in the world to come. Amen.’


Devotional by : Dr. Chinedu Oranye (Mobilization Director, CAPRO)