Welcome to FGC Yaba Private Community Portal!

Bring your team, members, and coordinators together with the most comprehensive and flexible intranet and community solution for FGC Yaba. The community have been designed as the ultimate foundation for modern collaborative portal, bringing together social networking, messaging, forums, live-chat, events, knitted community, project, task management, file sharing, e-commerce and even e-learning solution within the mix. Start connecting by adding friends and joining a group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. This will help you to quickly understands  the community portal.

What is the purpose of this site

The main purpose of this site is for modern internal communication within an organization. The site is created to help connect and collaborate with other team members of FGC Yaba church in a smart but robust approach that will enhance united collaboration of people and content, friendship, project management, task tracking, file sharing, fun way to be in the loop as regards content sharing and communication in this 21st century workforce.

How can I use the site

The site is easy to use and the first step is to register if you have not. Then, you need to activate your account via your email and login with your username. Once inside, you can edit your profile by clicking on your face icon located below the logo. Then, you can add your image/avatar and cover image. Begin socializing by using the left menu links.

What features do the site have

The site is a social community solution with intranet features. The social community features includes;

Extended Profiles
Customize your community with fully editable profile fields that allow your users to describe themselves.

Account Settings
The portal allows FGC Yaba users to modify their account and notification settings directly from within their profiles.

Friend Connections
Empower users make connections so they can track the activity of others and focus on the people they care about the most.

Private Messaging
Allow your users to talk to each other directly and in private. Not just limited to one-on-one discussions, messages can be sent between any number of members.

Activity Streams
Global, personal, and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, favoriting, and @mentions, all with full RSS feed and email notification support.

Notify members of relevant activity with a toolbar bubble and/or via email, and allow them to customize their notification settings.

User Groups
Groups allow your users to organize themselves into specific public, private or hidden sections with separate activity streams and member listings.

Community Members
Everything in this FGC Social Intranet community revolves around its members.

Can I invite my friends

Yes. Users and FGC Yaba members can invite their friends provided the user and the invitee belong to a group. Note carefully, while all members of a group can send invite for their friends to join the option for now has been restricted to Admin and Moderators. Hence of you are mod or admin, you can send invite for new user to join.

While all memberbut is been restrictred to Admin and Moderators for now