‘I will not settle for anything less than the deep divine addiction that we call God, and I will strive to live beyond the power of thought and visualization.’– A.W. Tozer, The Crucified Life


What is your life’s addiction? What is the deepest craving of your heart? Do you long for more than what religion can provide? Are you restless for a deeper experience that you cannot even describe? Do you ache in the sweet pain for heaven’s touch & your Redeemer’s face?

‘Lord, never let my heart find total satisfaction in anything here. Deliver me from the joys & pleasures of earth that dull my ache for you. Let the pain of desire overwhelm me. Let all the trifles of human pursuits look irrelevant in my site. I want you Lord and yet those words don’t carry the depth of my ache. I can’t express it but I know you understand. Even tears do not have enough weight to express my longing. Deliver me from the addictions that plague humanity. Fill my soul with that rare addiction that only your very tangible presence can satisfy. And don’t release me from this pain. While others may enjoy life pain-free, never release me from the agony of longing for you. I love the pain because it reminds me that I don’t belong here. Let my aches continue as long as I am forced to remain in this human temple. This I cry for, in your name. Amen.’


Dr. Chinedu Oranye

(Mobilization Director, CAPRO)