Greatness in life always lies beyond our comfort. It requires a vision, discipline of mind and character. It cannot be achieved without some level of sacrifice and commitment in terms of time management, hard work and focus to ultimately arrived the set goal.

Although the world wrongly equates greatness with excelling in academic credentials, fat bank accounts, famous, successful business, etc but there is a believe that they would have taken some steps to have acquired whatever greatness in their own way.

When Jesus Disciples came desiring to be great in Heaven, He told them the steps or attributes they need to get – Matthew 5:19; 18:1-5;23:11. He laid much emphasis on patience and humility. In the same vein, it took Abraham a lot of perseverance, faith, hope and sacrifices to get his greatness both physical and spiritual. Abraham humbly obeyed God when he was called to leave his country and his people to unknown land — Genesis 12. When he met difficulties on the way, he believed God who called him out. His faith in God acquired for him the fulfillment of God’s promises inherited by Isaach his sone. Of course he faced trials and difficulties before he could attain this greatness, but he was determined and focused not on man but on God and it was accountable to him as faith. Although Isaach inherited greatness from Abraham his father, he also worked hard to get his own greatness we read in the text above.

Beloved, greatness is attainable if only we can take the steps of faith and focus. Let us work hard with our vision in mind by using by using our talent and time for God. We must also humble ourselves and as well have a Godly character. Greatness is not reserved for pre-ordained few. It is available to you, to me and to everyone.

Therefore, step into your greatness.

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