Month: January 2017

In the Beginning Was the Word; Now the Word Is on an App

EDMOND, Okla. — More than 500 years after Gutenberg, the Bible is having its i-moment. For millions of readers around the world, a wildly successful free Bible app, YouVersion, is changing how, where and when they read the Bible. Built by, one of the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced evangelical churches, YouVersion is part of what the church calls its “digital missions.” They include a platform for online church services and prepackaged worship videos that the church distributes free. A digital tithing system and an interactive children’s Bible are in the works. It’s all part of the...

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CHUKWUELOTEGOM – God Has Remembered Me

I was born on the 29th of February 199x to my very wonderful parent in this darling Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idiaraba. Due to the circumstances that led up to my birth, I was baptized with very Igbotic unusual names; I think people felt they owed it to my mother, to me, perhaps even God to give me a name worthy of praise… And so amongst the namers was this very wonderful woman who named me Chukwu-élo-té-gom which means God has remembered me. Till date, aside from my grandma who also calls me her own name, this woman diligently...

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Meet Faith Anny: The Birthday Episode

I have never had a guest celebrate a birthday while being interviewed on the blog, so I’m a little extra emotional, please bear with me I met Faith during my diploma days at the University of Lagos, Akoka campus, and I can remember thinking; “This babe is quite bubbly and loud.” After a few months of taking classes with Anny, I realized that, though she was bubbly, she was far from loud. We got talking, I realized she was even related to one of my old time pals from secondary school with similar personality. I also realized that there...

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Why Give So Much Control of Your Future to Your Past?

I believe one of the most desperate needs among people is to gain a clear understanding of how God sees us. It will revolutionize the way we see ourselves and the way we view others. All believers accept Jesus’ death on the cross as an intellectual reality, but some fail to grasp in their hearts how dramatically His sacrifice impacts our everyday lives. The crucifixion means that every sin in our past has been washed away, every wound has been healed, and every bondage has been broken. The tide of blood that flowed from Calvary has carried away everything...

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Crossover Night 2017

  Crossover service 2017! Posted by Foursquare Gospel Church Yaba on Sunday, December 31, 2017